Aidan Swift: I like to play lacrosse as well as skateboard and have also recently picked up soccer. I got involved in this project because I wanted to get more into skateboarding and this project helped me find that direction. We have all dedicated an enormous amount of our time into this project over the past three years and it has helped me learn how to talk to large groups of people. Another great lesson I’ve learned as a function of this project is how to see and understand other people’s point of view and working collaboratively to find common ground and gain their support.

Mason Whitcomb: I play HS soccer and snowboard. I started skating in the 7th grade which is coincidentally when our committee was formed, I’ve really enjoyed working on this park project and look forward to skating it once it’s completed!  My favorite project related activities have been those that involved event planning and execution, though I have thoroughly enjoyed the places the project has taken me and the experiences it has enabled me to have.

Chris Roy: We started this project with a simple idea that we initially thought was going to be both quick and easy.  It’s easy to see that’s not the reality!  Since then, we’ve acquired many new life skills and talked to hundreds of people. To me, this project is really about showing others that anyone can make a difference, both in their town and beyond!  This project has taught me so many things and lessons that I am already putting to good use and I’m extremely excited to see how it turns out when we finish.

Griffin Caiozzo: I play lacrosse & soccer and also skate and snowboard regularly. The past three years have been super exciting as we as a team have gone through the park planning and fundraising process. In addition, this project has taught me how to stage and run fundraisers, enabled me to build my public speaking (including radio and TV) and leadership skills, and most importantly how to engage our community in a vision that is bigger than ourselves. I’m looking forward to seeing this project through to completion and I can’t wait to ride it!

Aidan Moore: I love to skateboard and play lacrosse. The past few years of working towards getting this park built have been extremely engaging and I can’t wait to see it finally complete!  This project has helped me develop a number of skills, one of which is persistence. It’s been interesting and extremely rewarding to see how people react to me today versus three years ago and I attribute that to the skills that I’ve developed as a result of this project. This park has been a tremendous part of my life and has provided lifelong lessons that will remain with me forever.